Children in the Early Childhood Center learn through play. The emphasis in the nursery is on social skills, learning how to play and cooperate with other children. By Pre-Kindergarten children begin to learn the sounds of the alphabets and to build vocabulary, as well as being introduced to numeracy. In kindergarten, children begin to learn phonics, basic writing, and additional numeracy skills. Preparatory students begin reading and understanding more about the world around them. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) helps them begin to grasp an understanding of more complex concepts, like the concept of change. Numeracy skills advance to a level of understanding basic addition and subtraction.


Hiwot Degafu  M.A Educational Leadership and Management) 

Hello, and welcome to our Early Childhood Center. We, the EC staff, are a strong and enthusiastic team who work like bees. We believe that the child is the major focus of the kindergarten program. Each child brings unique experiences, expectations, emotions, attitudes, and abilities to the classroom. It is essential that the individual characteristics of each child are accepted, understood, and nurtured. We are proud because we are building the blocks of the future generation.